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J is entertaining ten of her female co-workers with a dinner party downstairs.  Who can guess what I’m thinking about helping out?

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J is resolute about keeping me in chastity, but she’s also unfailingly polite.  She’s never mean; to the contrary, she’s an extremely nice person.  She asks for things rather than demanding them.  She speaks in a soft, pleasant tone of voice.

And she enjoys a hard cock to play with almost every night.

Last night, as I writhed in the standard madness that accompanies satisfying her, I asked her to consider skipping my May release date, based upon my accident last week.  In other words, I was suggesting that I be kept in chastity for a longer period of time.  (Having one’s orgasm controlled creates waves of desire that routinely crash upon Irony Beach.)

She stopped what she was doing with my cock and looked my straight in the eye.

“Let’s get something straight,” she said.  “I decide if and when and how you get to come.”  Then she put me back into her mouth.

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We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

–Anais Nin (via The Smoochy World of Mrs. Muddle)

J usually makes sure of things every morning.

And she usually lets me out every night.

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Well, I had a “mistake” the other day while we were making love.  How this will effect this month’s cycle hasn’t been decided yet.

Our intimacy has taken on a new and powerful breadth.  It’s hard to describe, or maybe I just hesitate to do so.  When we’re together in bed, and she’s released me from the cricket, the earth doesn’t hold me in its grasp, it’s she who holds me in hers. Nothing matters other than her.  I would do anything for her, be anything for her.

The distinctions between woman and man become blurred. When she mounts me between my legs, her face takes on a handsome ferocity, her entire aspect expresses satisfaction in being my husband, and in my being her wife. We float back and forth without regard to the bodies we inhabit.

“I love fucking your ass,” she said, and even though she wasn’t, it was as if she were, and I felt myself tip helplessly over the brink.  I quickly withdrew, and the orgasm that followed was almost entirely pleasureless, yet my penis convulsed, untouched, for about fifteen seconds, and I emptied myself all over her, and me, and the bed.

I’m hoping she decides to push my next release back to the June date.  Time is precious, and I can’t let the opportunity to love her in the best way, the most truthful way, slip through my fingers.

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