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Guess what, I’m still here!  Sorry for the delay in posting. This is just a quick note to let you know how things are going.  I’m still in the cricket, still discovering, still happy.

We’ve reached a point where I completely identify as a submissive man kept in chastity by his wife.  I accept the truth and beauty of the natural superiority of women.  It’s been a year of living submissively, and I hope we can go deeper. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

I’m hoping I can stay in chastity longer.  I never want the feelings that chastity brings to the surface of our lives to go away.  Our relationship glows with a wonderful soft light.

I’ve begun licking my cum off of her pussy.  It started out very naturally and unplanned.  One night a few weeks ago, while my cock was inside her and she was humping me, I got very close to the edge and pulled out.  About tablespoon of cum leaked out of me onto her beautiful pussy, and I just instinctively knew what to do.  As I licked it off of her, it spread onto my nose and cheeks.  I can’t explain why, but eating my own cum for her is important to me, and I hope it can continue. It reminds me of my correct place: I’m a cum-eating husband.

When she wants my penis inside her, which is every night, she sometimes wants my legs spread and up in the air, with her body between them and on top of me.    We’ve acknowledge that this feminizes me, and I hope we can continue to explore this.  It means what it means, it’s true, and it gives us both an ideal pleasure.  When the time comes to be fucked in the ass, I’ll be ready.

I’ll write in detail about these things soon, I really just wanted to let everybody know that the cricketed man is still alive and well.

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