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J has been away on business for a couple of weeks, but here’s a post she sent me via email for you.

“Interesting Cricket Facts

My husband asked me when we first got a chastity device what we were going to call it.  We figured we would have to talk about it incessantly to each other, occasionally in front of others.  From the beginning our huge affection for what was then a CB600 absolutely required that we name it.

I suggested that we call it the cricket.  This name came out of nowhere really.  I did always love the sound of crickets and a certain James Agee description of early evening that is full of them.   Recently I had seen the word on my ipod and it amused me.

My husband agreed.  I think because it made no reference to what it really was.  No cage or lock or penis references.

It seems the name was more appropriate than we imagined.  Here are some interesting cricket facts.

Crickets (only males) have four types of chirps.   The calling chirp is loud and is meant to attract females.   A courting and softer chirp indicates a female is close.  The aggressive chirp is to frighten away competitor males.  The copulatory chirp is made upon ejaculating into a female.  Our name refers coincidentally to an insect that makes noise purely for sexual motivation.

Caged crickets in many societies are symbols of good luck.  We would certainly agree.

In popular culture the cricket usually represents good.   Jimminy Cricket as Pinochio’s conscience is an example.  In fact the cricket seems to encourage all types of goodness, cheerful patience, kindness and generosity.

Some facts are ones I have noticed myself about our own experience with the cricket.  For instance, one would anticipate that submission to another would make one feel weak, erode one’s feelings of confidence.  In fact it seems to have the opposite effect.  My husband’s recognition and acceptance of his submissiveness has made him more sure of himself, more likely to state his strengths and more likely to reassure me of my own.

Crickets by nature are heard and not seen.  My husband sometimes clanks and I sometimes jingle.  We find these noises sweet and humorous and completely unembarassing.   These sounds are the only outward indication that there is a cricket between us.   I know that each of us has wondered if other cricket wearers notice and know.

We both look forward to learning more about crickets and the newly coined verb.  Being cricketed promotes a learning process and we are entirely open to it.


Here was my reply.  In case it isn’t obvious, I’ve been locked for several weeks.

“I wake up straining against cricket, aching for you,

aching for your control, aching for your kiss,

your slap, your grip.

When you assert the superiority of women, as you do in every aspect of your being, I feel a happy sustaining glow inside me.

A life as your fucktoy slave is all I’ve ever wanted.

Please hurt me whenever you want to, please spread my legs and fuck me, please never let me come,

please own me.

I love you.”

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